who i am

Meet Zoran Filicic

First and foremost, I tell stories.
I work as a TV reporter, journalist and presenter and mostly cover sports, in either Italian, English, French and Croatian.

I was born in Italy to Croatian parents and the soul of those two countries shaped who I am today.
Croatia’s legacy is a fiery passion and the need to always prove myself, while in Italy I learned how important conviviality is and to love history and culture. My Dalmatian roots set my imagination on fire but my rational side reins it when necessary.

My passions defined me. Growing up, I didn’t give up on my dreams and achieved many of my goals, all the while managing to find my path as a storyteller. Whether I’m on a stage, behind a mic, in front of a camera or holding a pen, I always aim to gift my audience with emotions.

Passion fuels my life forward

My passion for my job, first of all. My studies wouldn’t be worth anything without it.
And the way I live my life wouldn’t be the same without it.

I love adrenaline-fueled sports like surfing, CrossFit and snowboarding. I push myself and test myself, my fear is my best ally to learn what my limits are and to gain clarity.

I love nature, which reminds me to be strong and which taught me respect.

I love music, both playing it or listening to it.

I love motorbikes, art and architecture.

I just love, without love I would have no imagination.